Make my heated bed magnetic w/ high temp magnet sheet?

  • Am I overlooking anything thinking I can use something like this: (max temp 250F/120C) applied on my aluminum bed to allow me to use the various spring steel flexible build surfaces? Possible concerns w/ thickness variation, and the max temp is around the upper range for bed temps for Nylon & Polycarbonite

    I print primarily ABS @ 110C for first 10 layers, then 100C for subsequent layers.

  • verdict: works very well up to 110C (using it w/ geckotek removable 'hot' build plates). have not tested higher temps.

  • FWIW, I recently bought at Prusa i3 Mk3 and the sprint steel bed is one of my very favorite features of this printer. So do give it a try... springy fantastic!

  • @mikebridge now tell me where i can get these in europe!


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