Two Fans Only One Registers

  • I have both the heatbreak fan and a print cooling fan installed. Both were working and registering on the display as FAN0 and FAN1. Now, only the print fan turns and registers as FAN0 while the heatbreak fan does not turn and does not register on the screen.

    What might be the problem?

  • administrators

    Thermostatically-controlled fans do not show up in Duet Web Control.

  • DC42...I went through the wiring, checked the connectors, the logical associations and the Voltages...I don't why but it seems to be working now? I did nothing, aside from laying in a hospital bed for the past 3 months (was supposed to be a 1 day in and next day out)?!!

    But s.h.i.t howdy!! It seems to be working. Now I'm waiting for some good quality filament to arrive to start doing some serious testing.

    Thanks for your help...3mm

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