DUET WIFI for dispenser machine

  • Hello,

    has anyone tried to make glue/silicone/whatver dispensing machine with 3d printer or speicifically with DUET WIFI?
    Reason why I want to make it is that dispensing heads has pretty reasonable price 2-5k Eur.
    But dispensing machines are unbelievably expenisve. Cheapest working thing starts at 10k.

  • administrators

    It sounds like a good application for a Duet WiFi/Ethernet-controlled machine to me. My choice would be a delta.

  • @dc42 for first I thought I will go for fast delta design.
    However recently I got info that for most of the dispensing works 2 heads are needed, so delta will not work.

    I already have RIGID3DP platform and I am thinking to use to hang dispensing heads.

    Main question is, what software I should use to generate gcode for 3D motion in 3axis.
    Because hardware is pretty much straight forward...


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