Duet Ethernet Fried

  • I made a terrible mistake. Not looking good I plugged the signal wire from the IR probe into the UTXD0 pin.
    When starting up de wire begon to smoke intens. No connection possible with the board anymore using ethernet consol to a PC. Also no cnnection with LCD 0_1543499784454_mistake.jpg

    Is there some information available what is really damaged or do I have to replace the whole board. Seems like a chip on de little ethernet board is fried? 2 of the steppermotors make a load buzzing noise to. O boy!


  • administrators

    Swapping those two wires wouldn't have caused any damage. What I think must have happened is that either the +5V pin the PanelDue connector got shorted to the +3.3V pin on the Z probe connector, or there must have been a short between either +3.3V or +5V and a wire carrying VIN power. Does that sound possible? Can you identify any chips on the Duet main board that look damaged or are getting hot?

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