Extruder Ramming from DWC and Panel Due?

  • Hi,

    I occasionally get an issue where even if I select 1mm/sec the extruder gets ram purged at a much higher rate. This seems to be an issue on both DWC and Panel Due. Any one else get this?

    I'm running:
    Duet v0.6.
    Panel Due 1.22.1(28b1)
    Duet Web control 1.22.4
    Firmware: 1.22 (2018-07-26b2)

    Edit: I already have a work around which is to always purge 1mm @ 1mm/sec before a 20mm flush.

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    Please can you tell us the exact sequence of button presses that causes this to happen. The intended sequence is that you select the extrusion length and the extrusion speed (in either order), and only then should you press Extrude or Retract.

  • I will try to repeat it but it isn't every time.

  • Just happened.

    Did my pre print routine. Set nozzle temp on the Panel Due to 195 and pressed the icon to activate it. Waited for nozzle temp to reach set point. Pressed move up 5mm five times. Moved to Extrusion page and left selection on 10mm & 1mm/sec. Press extrude. Rammed.

    Edit: PrePrint:-

    M561 ; clear any bed transform
    M140 S50 ; Set bed temp and continue.
    M107 ; Fan off.
    m98 P"0:/sys/homeall.g" ; home all axes
    M190 S50 ; set and wait for bed temperature
    m98 P"0:/sys/homez.g" ; re-home z-axis
    G29 ; do mesh bed compensation
    G1 X100 Y100 Z5 ; Ready for nozzle height check.

    Edit 2: Just to clarify I did not press 10mm & 1mm/sec on the extrusion page, these were pre-selected.

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    Thanks for the detail. I'll check the PanelDue firmware and try to reproduce this.

  • Just tried again with DWC:

    • Turned machine on.
    • Deleted old file from machine.
    • Copied 0073.gcode to machine.
    • Triggered PrePrint from "User-Defined Macros" section of "Machine Control".
      [waited for temps / macro to complete]
    • Closed bed level graphic pop-up.
    • Sent "G1 X0 Y0 Z30 F3000" via console page as I forgot to change where the head went to at the end of PrePrint following changing the 0,0 point to the centre of my build surface.
    • Set nozzle temp to 195 and pressed "Heater 1" to change heater status to "Active".
      [waited for temps]
    • Select 20mm and 1mm/sec on "Extruder Control" section of "Machine Control" page.
    • Press Extrude and it rams.
    • Press it a second time and it behaves.

    5_1543830791706_homez.g 4_1543830791706_homey.g 3_1543830791706_homex.g 2_1543830791706_homeall.g 1_1543830791706_config-override.g 0_1543830791706_config.g
    0_1543830861260_00_PrePrint.gcode (Didn't have the ".gcode" tail on the file, but upload to forum refused without.)

  • Just did it at the end of the build too when I was trying to unload a filament (bowden unclipped):

    Console Log (back to front!):
    G1 E50 F300
    G1 E50 F300
    G10 P0 S170

    Once again on second asking it behaved.

  • @dc42 were you able to replicate this or not had a chance yet? Got enough details from me?

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    I haven't managed to reproduce this, nor has anyone else reported anything similar.

    Thanks for the console log, it indicates that the problem lies with the main firmware.

  • Perhaps something that has been tidied up in the transition from the 1.* to 2.* firmware then?

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    @doctrucker said in Extruder Ramming from DWC and Panel Due?:

    Perhaps something that has been tidied up in the transition from the 1.* to 2.* firmware then?

    That's a possibility, although I don't recall a bug with those symptoms. You might like to look over the upgrade notes between firmware 1.22/2/0 and 2.01 though.

    I have a firmware build for legacy Duets based on the 2.02RC6 source code, but it's untested and probably doesn't work.

  • not to hijack the thread, but I have a similar issues that may be related. I have a custom IDEX and Extruder 0 feeds just fine during a tool change to purge and wipe in tpost0.g with "G1 E20 F200", Extruder 1 I have to send "G1 E30 F1" in tpost.g to make it go a similar speed. I can send the gcode directly the the board and it behaves normally. The only time I see the issue is every tool change. I am going to open a thread with this and some other issues I have been dealing with soon. I am on "2.02RC5(RTOS) (2018-11-28b1)"

  • FYI, I updated to 2.02RC6 and it seemed to get rid of my problem with the U extruder(extruder1) extruding way faster than it should have on tool changes.

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