Possible bug?

  • I added on a Duex5 so I could do independent Z-axis bedleveling.

    While doing that, somehow I removed the voltage setting for Extruder.

    When I went to do extrude movements, I got a warning that the stepper wiring appeared disconnected.

    I spent a bit of time tracing my wiring, making sure nothing was wrong before I noticed the M906 lacked the usual E600 setting I use.

  • administrators

    Please explain what you think the bug is.

  • Steps to reproduce:

    1. In config.g, remove the EXXX setting from the M906 line.
    2. Restart
    3. Heat hotend until extruder controls unlock.
    4. Retract hotend.

    Following message appears:
    0_1543853027675_duet error.png

    This error does not appear if I remove the X or Y settings from the M906 line

  • administrators

    Thanks. The issue is that if the motor current is set to zero then the "motor disconnected" warning may be triggered. In a future firmware revision I'll set a minimum motor current for the warning to be active.

  • How about a warning that they are trying to use a motor with no current defined?

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