12864 Display SD Print subfolder screen update

  • Hi dc,
    When entering a subfolder on the display from a file list, the screen does not update until you rotate the encoder.

    Not a big issue at all since there is a clear work around more so just to report the issue. Currently using 2.02RC5

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    @incogizmo said in 12864 Display SD Print subfolder screen update:

    When entering a subfolder on the display from a file list, the screen does not update until you rotate the encoder.

    Thanks, on my list to look at for 2.05RC6.

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    This is fixed in the forthcoming 2.02RC6 release. Thanks for reporting it. Returning to the root from a subfolder had the same problem.

  • @dc42, is there a way to assign command to long press of a button? A bitmap conversion guide would be handy as there is no info and all current menus had a line at max as image i think.

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    Are you saying that you want to execute different commands depending on whether the button press is short or long?

  • DC42, i am asking if a command could be assigned to long press. My prusa has this handy option, when you long press a button, it would allow to jog Z axis by 1mm steps when turning rotary encoder, cw up ccw down.

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    So do you mean than when you select a numeric field, the size of the adjustment steps should depend on whether you did a short or a long press? Or something else?

  • I have both, prusa menu and standard marlin 12864 menu and there is no need to have options to move axis by 1, 10, 100mm. Could be my preference but its a pain going through that many menu options. To sum up:

    Move axis >> Move X or Y or Z >>turn enc cc or ccw to move axis by 1mm(lcd shows current position) >> press enc_btn to go back
    For the main screen
    Main screen >> long press enc_btn >> move Z by 1mm increments up or down(lcd shows current position)>>press enc to go back.
    You can print good enc knob so the navigation of axis is swift and comfy. I was mentioning that some time ago as physical input feedback and why i like it more vs. lcd touch.
    Basically maestro board is everything i wanted and missed in wifi. BTW, ordered one from duet3d.

    Menu system is a bit challenging for me to program but its a matter of time. Another thing would be to have a simple way to convert bitmaps to compatible format, even command line tool would help a lot to shift development of menu systems.

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    You can already move the axes directly using the encoder in firmware 2.02RC5, as I expect you know already. The movement increment is 0.02mm for Z and 0.1mm for other axes. How would it be if I make the increment 1mm on all axes after a long press instead of a short one?

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