• Hi all.
    I have a little problem with my duet wifi. I have working with it for three months. and understanding how it works. It works fine. but from the last month i cant update my config.override.
    I decides to Clear all my system and install the new 2.02RC5. no problem all works fine, except than after autocalibration (delta), I store with M500 or M500 P31, and It saves the delta parameters. But when i restart, the paramters are gone.
    I have the M501 at the end in the config.g.
    I dont understand what is wrong.
    Any sugestion?.
    Thanks in advance

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    I've just tested that in 2.02RC5 and it's working for me.

    Please open the config-override.g file and check that the M665 and M666 lines appear in it, with the modified settings generated after you run auto calibration and then M500. Also try running M501 manually, and check whether that loads the settings correctly.

  • Thanks alot for your quick response.
    Effectively the lines M665 & M666 no appears.
    I have see than the Last modification of the config-override is unknown.
    As you can see in the secuence of screen captures, seem that the config-override is overwrirted, every time that i restart the electronics.
    I Tryed as well, to make M500 and M501 without restart, with the same results.
    I thing that is clear the M501 overwrite the config-override0_1544038831902_Screenshot_20181205_200810.png 4_1544038858895_Screenshot_20181205_201946.png 3_1544038858895_Screenshot_20181205_201929.png 2_1544038858895_Screenshot_20181205_201832.png 1_1544038858895_Screenshot_20181205_201812.png 0_1544038858895_Screenshot_20181205_201746.png

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    Please post your config.g file.

  • This is my config.g, created at, on 18/12/3.
    I'm unable to see anyting wrong...0_1544091246022_config.g

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    I don't see anything wrong with that config.g file either. However, the config-override.g looks to me as though it was created by sending M500 after the Duet was booted without the SD card present, because all the values are default values and the delta parameters are not present.

    Please delete that config-override.g file (you can do this in the System Editor of DWC), then press the Refresh button and verify that the file has gone. Then send M500 again, verify that config-override.g has been created, check its time stamp, and check whether it now contains the delta parameters.

  • I'm sorry for no reply before. but now I have a new issues,. By mistake I pressed the erase button of the underboard display. from this moment the display is in black, I've tryed to reinstall the display firmware with Bossa, without results, and if all of this is not enough, the IP diretion has changed.
    For all of this, I can't conect with the printer. I tryed to change the Ip in the config.g , but no works.
    I'm inside a black hole.

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    @Aztek, please follow this procedure If you get stuck, let us know why and which step you were on.

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