WiFi host name and changing WiFi network

  • How do I change the WiFi host name and changing the settings for what network it will connect to?

    I have setup a duet wifi to communicate on our network and at the moment I would like to change the host name of that card and in the future I need to change what network it communicate on.

    I don't seem to be able to get it to return to default mode even if I re flash everything but it seem to still remember the settings that I set the first time?

    Preferable in the future this should be accessible in the web interface or at least in gcode but for now I am fine with digging around in binary files and changing stuff( not that that seem to do anything, i.e. changed host name in the wifi server file and installed that file without any change 😕 )

    Anyone have any ideas or know how to do this?

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    Currently you have to prevent the wifi module connecting to your access point, e.g. by temporarily turning off wifi on the access point, or moving the Duet out of range of the access point.

    On the firmware work list is a facility to set up the access point connection details in a file on the SD card.

  • Thanks,

    I have some problem right now that I think is related to low signal strength to find if that is the problem it would be really useful to get the signal strength on the connection interface, and a gcode command to show strength of available networks in console.

    I can also see some use for the signal quality being shown in the regular control intreface.

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    Currently you can only see the signal strength when you send the M552 S1 command from a USB host to connect to your access point. It's on my list to make that WiFi status report available at any time.

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