Blown fan fuse; How much can the mosfets handle?

  • I got 2 really powerfull fans (i'm making a carbon filter), 1.4 amps each. Got them from here:

    I connected them to FAN1 and FAN2, when I started both at the same time, I blown the fan fuse 😞 to temporarily fix my printer, I soldered one strand of of a 24 AWG wire on the fuse terminals. I ordered a new fuse from Digi-Key: it will take a few days to get it.

    In the documentation it says "You can increase the fuse rating to 2A or even 3A if your fans, air pumps etc. draw more than 1A in total."

    So if I increase the fuse to 3 amps, can the mosfets handle the 2 fans?

    I have the Duex5, with a 24V power supply, I tried to connect one of the fans to FAN3, and the "V FAN Jumper Select" is at 12V, set the config "M106 P3 S0 I0 F500 H-1", but the fan did not work. What am I doing wrong?

    Also, I did not see a fuse for fans on the Duex5, is it sharing the main fuse at 7.5 Amps ?

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    The maximum recommended continuous current for each fan mosfet is 1.5A, with 2A or a little more allowable for a short time when the fan starts up.

    The 12V regulator on the DueX board has a separate Enable jumper, that needs to be in place for the 12V regulator to work. The fans circuits share the 7.5A fuse.

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