Random sensor height

  • My problem is everyonce in awhile the ir probe changes the height a which it gets triggered.
    Keeping in mind this will happen my just turning of the printerin the evening and turning on in the morning.
    The settings are the same and no changes have been made.

    M558 P1 R1.0 H10 F200 T1500 X0 Y0 Z0
    G31 Z2.35 P500

    I know there could be the voltage difference caused by a loose connection, checked I have a good connection.
    What is strange is when it all working and start up I get the four blinks of the led and when homing when it nears the bed
    ( around 464) the probe speed will slow down and probe. Also if I lower the nozzel so its almost touching the bed I get a zero
    probe vaule- Goes usally from 0 464 538 539 0 even when I use a piece of paper under the probe.
    When it not working I get 0 464 538 thats it even if I move a piece of paper right up to the sensor its always 538-

    In fact when homing the probe speed will not slow down when it gets near the bed but will trigger early leaving a big gap.
    When its probes I do not see the regualar 464 538 539 0 type os readings but just one fast 538.

    After turning off and on many time checking things it will start to work like normal.

    Ah I have black glass as the bed.

    thanks for any thoughts.

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    Is the IR sensor securely mounted? If not, the position of the sensor PCB and/or angle between the PCB and the vertical may be changing.

  • HI yes it is.
    Update I moved from the center of the bed to the edge and did a few G30 S-1 a a certin point I saw that when closer
    to the bed the value changed from 538 to 464 so I tried homing Z and it was a the correct height.
    I doing a print now so I will have to see if after restarting the printer it homes normally slowing down when it reads

    Before that I tried with a second ir probe on the fly and it gave the same readings and behaved the same as the frist.

    Will let you know and thanks for the reply.

  • Update: after the print I turned off the printer turned it back on and now the ir probe
    shows 539 and not 538 when an object is close also now when it nears the bed at 464 it slows down and home s
    perfectly. I did nothing just turned off then on.

    We can solved for the moment.

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