Solved - Corrupt SD - Reflash a new card?

  • All,

    HAving a few issues. After not running one of my printers for awhile I tried booting it up(Duetwifi) and had all sorts of issues getting it reconnected to my network. I pulled the SD card and used my PC to view the folder structure, its telling me /sys and /www are "corrupt and unreadable" or along those lines.

    I reflashed the whole firmware using the wiki recovering #3 suggestion and was able to get the firmware to boot. Now the DWC works but I cannot upload and new files to print. It is telling me the SD card is full.

    I am trying to flash a new 16GB card with firmware but can't find a solid way to do this. I tried to load the firmware on using SAM-BA but it does not build the file structure for me to put the DWC files and WIFIserver files into.

    Am I just missing something very simple? I tried searching around on the forum but couldn't find anything similar. I was a bit surprised no one has had similar issues.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

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    Check this out:

    The folder structure can be downloaded there and copied over to the SD card.

    The firmware is flashed onto the Duet board itself, the SD card just contains files.

  • Thanks man! that solves my issue. I should have known that... I figured it was easy.

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