Can gcode comments contain non-ascii characters?

  • I ask because I just discovered a really weird bug in some gcode that Cura produced for a printer controlled by Marlin (not RRF). The problem seems to be that in the following snippet, the line of gcode following the comment wasn't executed (or not executed correctly) because the z0.4 was ignored and the nozzle height didn't change.

    ;MESH:PluggMått v1.stl
    G0 F4500 X97.416 Y105.849 Z0.4

    So I am wondering whether it is wrong for Cura to allow anything but ascii characters to be in the comment or is it simply that Marlin is screwing up when it sees a non-ascii character?

    Does anyone know what the "standard" says about comment character encoding?

    Edit: the å character has been encoded as UTF-8.


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    I don't believe the standard says anything about encoding of comment characters.

    RepRapFirmware allows any characters in comments, other than control characters that may be interpreted as line end. In string arguments (filenames, messages etc.) RRF requires UTF8 encoding.

  • Thanks @dc42 , that's pretty much what I thought the answer would be.

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