Parts to order to convert an e3d Kickstarter Dual Bigbox V1.0?

  • Hello All,

    The existing BigBox 1.0 and 1.1 uses a Rumba controller.

    My Kickstarter BB V1.0 has a 24v power supply and two PT100 thermocouples with adapter boards to interface to the Rumba. (assumed needed as the Rumba is designed for thermistors?)

    There are various mods suggested for the BB, fan control circuits, Astrosyn damper for the Y motor, different stepper motor driver boards etc.

    My interest in the DuetWiFi is to avoid doing most if not all these mods (most related to noise) , some of which need additional parts printed, with the possible exception of the fans which even if I can get away with not having fan cooling for the Duet I will probably leave and install a fan control circuit so I'm covered regardless, fans only coming on if things get hot.

    The other advantage (not the least of which is UK design and support!) is not having to constantly compile and load new firmware, being able to do this on-the-fly is a major advantage.

    What I need to know to meet the next order deadline is other than the DuetWiFi board itself and the new screen what if any other hardware do I need to order?

    On the order page

    There is no technical information on the eight available hardware options (six with photos two without). As I have PT100's already and working e3d V6 extruders then I don't need the last four items. I assume I don't need the IR probe as assuming this is the same/similar as the IR (Z height) sensor on the BB. The panelDue 4.3" screen I do need The type K daughterboard I don't need as I have PT100 thermocouples, so that leaves the PT100 daughterboard?

    Any help on this appreciated so I can go ahead and order.


  • You don't even need the Display at all so all you actually need to start with is the DuetWiFi and the PT100 daughter board.

    The screen however is very nice and you can get the bare PanelDUE Controller from DC42 and supply your own Screen if you wish there is FW for 4.3 5 or 7 inch screens the default one is the 4.3.

    the IR Sensor AFAIK is the same as I am sure E3D Buy them from DC42 anyway.

    HTH Doug

    You will not regret the upgrade

  • administrators

    As Doug says: you need the Duet WiFi, the PT100 daughter board (one board will handle two PT100s), and optionally the PanelDue. The IR sensor supplied with BigBox is the one I manufacture anyway.

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