Random Disconnections

  • I was working on settings my Z axis offset, had tried printed the night before and it was 3mm off the bed there about.
    That night I was having no issues with the board disconnecting. Started the Z axis offset steps all over again tonight and the board has disconnected 10 times but all after random intervals, roughly after a minute or so. I have updated the firmware from - 1.21 (2018-03-21) -> 2.02RC5(RTOS) (2018-11-28b1) and updated the wifi server but it was the same one - 1.21RC4(08b3). I have no updated the Web interface which is at 1.21-RC4. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    Firmware: 1.21 (2018-03-21) -> 2.02RC5(RTOS) (2018-11-28b1)

    Wifi Server: 1.21RC4(08b3)

    DWC: 1.21-RC4


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    Update the DWC.

    Download this file (latest release) https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware/releases/download/2.02RC5/DuetWebControl-1.22.5.zip

    and just upload it to the Duet in the same way you've updated the firmwares. The Duet will do the rest.

  • You think that's the reason why? I don't understand how one night I could be fine and the next its on the fritz... I only started updating the firmware and etc because it started having disconnection problems. I'll update the DWC when I get home tonight. I also read about changing the DHCP reservation. Is that always important to do? (setting the IP address, network, and gateway in the config.g M552, M553, M554)?

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    Well using a DWC version out of step with the other firmware versions won't help things, and there have been improvements to the auto-reconnection.

    You can also check the network troubleshooting here: https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/WiFi_disconnections_and_AJAX_timeout_errors

    It's best practice to set DHCP reservations on the router side, that way the Duet can just get the address from the router and nothing else needs to be set, and since the IP address is reserved, it won't change and you can always connect to the same IP.

    If you don't have access to DHCP reservations on the router, you can manually define an IP address on the Duet side, just choose an address on the high end of the range to reduce the chance of that IP being assigned by the router to something else on the network.

    You don't need to define the gateway etc on the DuetWifi because the access point should provide all that when the Duet connects to the provided SSID. Those commands would normally be used for the DuetEthernet.

  • Is there a guide created for setting up the DHCP reservation on the router side? I will try it on the Duet firmware first then if that doesn't work move to the router. It must have been assigned to something else on the network last night because the only thing I changed before the errors started happening was a very simple Gcode of a 20x20mm cube. I will attempt it all tonight and report back, thanks for the help!

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    It's going to depend entirely on your router model. Find the manual for it if you can, there would be a section detailing it. If the router is supplied from the ISP you might have a harder time, but you can usually still find a manual by googling for the model number.

  • I updated the DWC to the version you had suggested, started out fine and now it seems to randomly disconnect and reconnect like nothing happened... Any suggestions? I literally had no problems before adding this gcode file the other night but I was using that same file the day before with no issues....

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    @underdonesushi can you send M122 and M115 in the console and post the results?

    When it disconnects is the wifi light illuminated on the Duet board?

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