Tuning Questions & Print Anomalies

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    The wiki guides have proven to be very helpfull.

    My delta is/was..an ACLK+ (AnyCubic Linear Kossel Plus), that I have virtually rebuilt nearly from scratch. I believe that the AnyCubic vendor (Amazon) sold me either a cloned ACLK+ or that AnyCubic sold me an early problematic prototype, as those folks who own a later version ACLK+ apparently had little or no problem causing their deltas to function properly,, and all have nice things to say about the printer.

    Current config:

    DUET-EtherNet Cortex Controller V1.02 with 1.21 FW
    17,78cm/7Inch Panel DUET
    Escher Smart-Effector + E3D-V6 30W HotEnd + Silicon Sock
    DC42's Fan-Shroud
    Hayden MagBall Delrin Diagonal Rods
    12Vdc 350W Power-Supply
    228mm Aluminum HeatBed + applied PEI build surface
    Metal Vertex 2020 Profile Corners (top smooth idler pulleys don't align properly w stepper pulleys below)

    1x FreshStep (empty) Cat-Litter Box Spool Holder + 25,4mm Dia PVC Pipe <heh>
    ~10m of PTFE hookup wire
    2L/0.5 gallons perspiration <heh>

    Tuning Issues

    M665 = Diagonal 288.120, delta radius 140.174, homed height 217.376, bed radius 111.8, X 0.457°, Y 0.512°, Z 0.000°

    M666 = Endstop adjustments X-0.60 Y0.21 Z0.39, tilt X0.00% Y0.00%

    G29 97 points probed, mean error 0.001, deviation 0.032
    Height map saved to file heightmap.csv

    The numbers above change occasionally, especially the end-stop numbers? As well as the delta-radius. Aside from mechanical build problems, can g-codes cause any of the above?

    Performing the bed auto-calibrate, requires multiple passes to cause convergence, sometimes as many 4 or 5.

    The below numbers don't seem to be too good, are they? Can the numbers be made smaller with more precision tweaking?

    G28 (home)
    G32 = Calibrated 6 factors using 17 points, deviation before 0.034 after 0.031
    G32 = Calibrated 6 factors using 17 points, deviation before 0.035 after 0.034

    Also the mesh compensation, seems to need better calibration? I'm including a screen grab of the mesh graphic..

    G28 (home)

    97pts mesh comp plan view - 12-11-20180_1544618687578_97pts mesh comp plan - 12-11-2018.jpg

    97pts mesh comp elevation view - 12-11-2018
    0_1544618709883_97pts mesh comp elevation - 12-11-2018.jpg

    25,4mm x 25,4mm x 25,4mm Test-Cube Print Artifact Anomalies

    First, the test-cube print measurements don't equal the physical dimension it is supposed to be. Measured with an old (Mitutoyo) dial caliper on 2 different test-cubes, the sides are 24,86mm and the bottom to top measures 25,4. The filament (blue) Printed-Solid's brand, "Daily" 1,75mm, using a 0,3mm aperature nozzle affixed to the Smart-Effector E3D-V6 hot-end. (Isn't that a bit of a misnomer? Assemblies named the "extruder" is in reality a motorized filament-mover, while in actuality the 'extruder' is called a "hot-end"? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extrude) <grin>

    Another problem I'm seeing is a recurring 'bulge' on the sides of the Test-Cube, as can be seen in both the far right cubes. The 'bulge' seems to grow on the test-cube, on all the corners, growing in the direction of the 'X' tower. The bulge corner, on the inside wall, there is a moire' like 'ripple' print pattern, while on the other three sides, it just appears to be nicely stacked layers. Should all those inside/outside walls be smooth? There's also an anomaly on the first couple of layers below the bulge, and then a few layers up, on each subsequent layer change the anomaly becomes more evident. While observing the 'X' tower linear-rail carriage I can see a small fast up/down 'stutter' motion, a little vibration on the corner of the test-cube exhibiting the bulge.

    Test-Cube Print Evolution 12-11-2018
    0_1544618287505_Test Cube Evolution 12-11-2018.jpg

    Also, the bottoms of the test cubes seem strange, as illustrated in the 3rd cube on the right, although both of the silver cubes appear the similarly. Is it likely that this could be an artifact of the nozzle height not being propperly dialed-in?

    All four prints illustrate the evolution of my printing successes! Heh heh, I just love that one on the left...six months of fiddling around and pulling hair-out!! Hee hee hee... I've never had so much fun!

    Any advice is appreciated..thanks in advance, 3mm

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