'buzzing' belts

  • I'm in middle of fine tuning my extrusions.
    I noticed during all of this that my large vertical surfaces have a fine regular cross-hatching that in my mind is definitely an artifact of moving and extruding steps. I'm printing with esun pla+ through a Zesty Nimble on a large delta with a duet ethernet.
    There are discussions similar to this observation on that forum but this is more regular than those issues.

    While printing a 25mm cubic shell at about 20 mmps I grabbed a belt and clearly felt a high-pitched buzz. Should that be normal?

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    @shadowphile Can you post a photo?

  • well I was asking about the buzz 🙂
    But I will post a pic when I get home tonight.

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    Well it's a vibration. If it's making noise something must be vibrating. So try tightening the belts if possible, or see if there is a part of the frame that is loose. You may be hitting a resonant speed as well, does it still happen if you go a bit slower or faster?