Duet 3 Preliminary Scripting Documentation?

  • Hi, I'm planning a product that will require scripting on Duet's next-gen board. I know E3D have preliminary access to it and was wondering if it was available to the public at large..

    I understand it may not be finalized yet and changing constantly, but if I'm looking to get my feet wet and get a broad overview of the framework and if it's suitable for my design, where could I find it?

    If it's not public, will it be available before release so that developers can get a head start developing against it? Any guidance would be quite appreciated.

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    Can you tell me exactly what you mean by "scripting"? The scripting that E3D is using is just the tool change macros, which have been supported in RepRapFirmware for more than 4 years.

  • My understanding is that the next version will support external devices and sensors over the CAN bus. I had assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that controlling external devices over CAN would be supported through Duet for end users.

    For example, consider a simple CAN servo connected to a Duet. A developer would be able to create a button on the Duet's display to interact and rotate the servo without any deeper knowledge of the system.

    I inferred this from the TCT 2018 video, showing the smart tools. Was this totally off base?

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    Duet 3 uses CAN-FD bus to communicate between the main board and expansion boards, and we plan to make a Smart Tool board using the same CAN-FD-bus.

    For devices that are just sensors, CAN is likely to be overkill. Duet 3 uses a simpler interface with a 4-pin connector to connect sensors, including endstops sensors, Z probes and filament monitors. The benefit of CAN-FD is that it can handle high data rates and it can tolerate the ground noise that stepper motors and PWM'd heaters cause.