Remapping the extruder after a disfunction of the E0 driver

  • Hello !
    I want to use two configurations of extruders on my delta machine:

    • A Titan flystruder, connected to E0, with a current of 1000mA.

      Three direct-drive under 1500mA, connected to E0, E1 and E2 (additional card taking control signals on the expansion slot, not yet realized).

    I used the configuration with flystrudeur for a few weeks, without any problem. Today, during an print, the extruder has stopped working, without any obvious explanation (no short, no excessive temperature, no abnormal extrusion resistance). Connection to E0 of another stepper motor shows that the driver no longer supplies power.

    I remapped the extruder on E1, by the GCode M584 (M584 X0 Y1 Z2 E4), which allowed it to function again.


    The value of the steps per mm, fixed by M92 E837: 837 in the config.g file is no longer recognized. There is a massive under-extrusion.

    M92 sent without parameters shows that the value used is 420, instead of 837. This value of 420 does not appear anywhere in config.g, but as it is cited as an example in the documentation, I suspect a bug by misuse of a default value.

    My two questions are:

    How to diagnose the TMC2660 output E0? (And in case of bad chance, why, and what to do?)
    How to correctly assign the steps by mm value on a remapped extruder?

    Thanks for any help!

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    You only specified one extruder in the M584 command, but two in the M92 command. If you send that command manually from the gcode console, it will probably tell you that you have supplied the wrong number of values.

    Did you have two extruders connected to E0, and if so, how did you connect them?

  • Only one extruder was connected to E0, then to E1.

    In fact, I did not understand that the M92 Exxx: yyy syntax addressed two extruders. Can you point me to a documentation?

    What about the diagnostic procedure for the failed driver? According to the TMC2660 datasheet, it is protected against anything that could happen, and precisely nothing happened to it ! I hope this will work out with a proper reset procedure …

  • My machine now works correctly after I connected the extruder to E1 instead of E0, and remapped it.

    I try however a little up, trying to understand what happened to my driver TMC2660 of the output E0 …

    Is there a diagnostic procedure for the TMC2660, other than simple evidence that it is no longer feeding the coils ?

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    There is no diagnostic procedure for the TMC2660 other than the overheat detection which you can display by running M122. If you didn't abuse the stepper driver by disconnecting a motor when the board was powered, and your Duet WiFi purchase is recent, ask your supplier to repair or replace it.

  • Thanks for the advice. I didn't abuse the driver in any way : the extruder was running as usual since 5 weeks, and suddently stopped, without obvious reason…

    Too bad to be separated from my Duetwifi: it is the best board of four that I successively connected to my Zatsit delta printer, for testing.

  • @zatsit it's a bit of topic but how are your advance on your amazing delta ? I was really impressed by the none assembly !

  • @cubexupgrade
    Thanks for your interest ! We finalized the shooting for the kickstarter videos last sunday, so, I hope to launch the campaign in March. Stay tuned !

  • I'm quite sure you made some amazing acceleration / jerk print test on it with great result…. glad to see it coming soon !

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