general information on the configuration of the duet card

  • hello, I need some information on the kit Duet 2 Wifi 3d, I wanted to know if it was possible to command n2 extruders on a n1 hotend so you can mix colors etc ... in practice n2 extruders and n1 hotend with n1 heater and n1 probe temperature, if you could drive 400-step motors and an original e3d6 hotend with its original Probes, is there a manual to check all the possible functions? Are there any problems with the 7-inch display? and especially in the wifi version and you can pass the gcode from pc to Duet so as to drive everything from the duet and not have wifi interference etc .. without having to write a sd from pc and insert it into the controller?

  • Hi.
    Its all there :

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    Yes that's all possible.

    The WiFi module on the Duet works best with a strong WiFi signal, so if the wifi strength will be dubious or 2.4GHz WiFi is very congested where you are, it might be better to get the Duet Ethernet and use a WiFi or Powerline bridge to your router.

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