12864 lcd on duet wifi?

  • Hi, why the 12864 lcd is not supported on the duet wifi? I get that the 3.3V vs 5V is a problem but it could be easily fixed. I am just asking out of my curiosity, I am a proud owner of a PanelDue

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    Adding support for it in firmware would now be quite easy, because in 2.02RC6 I prepared the way by allocating all the memory it needs at configuration time instead of statically. However, enabling it might leave some machine configurations short of RAM. The Maestro supports fewer drivers (7 instead of 12), so it has more RAM available.

    The main issue with supporting on the Duet WiFi it is the hardware needed - a small PCB to shift the signals to 5V, gate the SPI clock to the display (possibly not needed, but the ST7920 datasheet implies that it is), and re-jig the connections to avoid the need for custom cables.

  • Wouldnt it be possible to make and sell an daughter board to do just that?

  • @dc42 said in 12864 lcd on duet wifi?:

    and re-jig the connections to avoid the need for custom cables.

    My Wanhao D6 has screen/encoder and sd-card cables that plug right into the similarly named ports on the board. (I'm almost stupid enough to just plug them in and turn it on to see what happens.) I'd love for them to work and not just be lifeless. If there were enough folks interested in this feature, would you all make a way to bring it to life?

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