Heater Fault

  • I have been plagued with heater faults on my hotend today.

    I have checked the wiring, and all seems well.
    The temp reading seems to be reliable, so I am guessing it must be the power to the heater.

    It will hold temperature during a print very well, then it will just drop out as if it loses power to the heater.
    I can clear the fault and reapply a temp set point, but it will fault again, because the temp will not budge.
    But if I reboot the Duet Wifi, it will work perfectly. Heating up to set point until it once again faults.
    This leads me to believe it's related to the board itself.

    Coincidentally I just upgraded to 2.02RC6 yesterday. Could this be a firmware issue, or is it possible the heat driver on the board is going bad?

    Is there some sort of diagnostic I can run to make sure?

    In case it's relevant...
    Duet Wifi running 2.02RC6.
    E3D v6 Hotend
    The faults have occured while printing with PLA+ at 210c.

    Thanks in advance.

    The faults are intermittent . I can go a couple of hours without having one, and then they will occur back to back.

  • Did this happen in the previous version of the firmware?
    I have 2.02RC5 and was running into random heater 1 faults.
    Once I clear/resume, the head would crash into the part it was printing and get all scewed up. RC6 has a bug fix for this. The temp graph looked fine.

    210 degrees
    about 4 -5 hours into the print job 😞

  • administrators

    Did you run heater turning? If so, there are two main possibilities:

    1. It is losing power to the heater, most likely due to a bad connection between the terminal block on the Duet and the heater.

    2. The temperature excursions caused by the print cooling fan are above the 15C default value. You can increase that value, see the troubleshooting page about heater faults on the wiki.

  • @eddiie

    No, just 2.02.
    I came straight from 1.20.

  • @dc42

    Thanks, David.

    If you don't suspect the heater, then it must be the connection.
    I checked the connections and all seem well, but since your input I have decided just to rewire everything to the heat block. Maybe something inside the insulation that I can't see.

    I'd rather leave the 15c value where it is. I think that is forgiving enough. I couldn't imagine allowing the temp to swing more than that.

    I will replace the heat block leads and report back.


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