Help homing Z and card not responding

  • Dear all,
    yesterday I connected my duetWIFI to my printer (coreXY), all drivers with step motors works fine, also endstops, heat bad and hotend works well. Problem occurs with Z probe. I connected my LJ12A3-4-Z/BY PNP DC6-36V Inductive sensor with help of duet forum and comment what I see here ( It seem at first it works fine. With the homing of Z printer stop. When it should stop. However, when I try it on second approach. Something happened and 3d printer stop communicated. I try to reset printer and other stuff. Problem is that wifi diode is not turning on. Furthermore, ssd card reader seems to me extremely hot and I could not to hold my finger on it. When I try to check it by ssd card reader in my PC it not even connect or show something. Like I did connect anything. Furthermore my laptop and my PC did not recognize 3d printer anymore there is any com or other port… Please can you help me what to do? Could I somehow destroyed my card? Can be repaired?

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    Please post a photo showing how you connected the Z probe to the Duet.

  • 0_1545060456631_837d17b3-53cf-4ffc-a5aa-2717525c3e56-image.png

    Here is the figure. What is wrong?

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    That diagram looks OK to me, although it will also need a resistor between the IN and GND pins of the Z probe connector to work. Has it always been connected that way? The symptoms you are describing (SD card hot, WiFi LED not turning on, and Duet refusing to connect to the PC) are typically caused by feeding VIN into the +3.3V or +5V rail.

  • Sorry I was at job I checked connection now at home and find the problem I made mistake and i connected that by old diagram.. (Prototype V2) So I really fed output to 3.3V.... could I somehow save my card???

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    If you fed 24V into the 3.3V pin, then sadly many components will have failed: processor, 3.3v regulator, WiFi module, mosfet driver chip, SPI buffer chip, and probably the stepper drivers too.

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