Precision Piezo short cause duet ethernet to fry

  • Hi all,

    I just finished fried a Duet Ethernet (not sure whether it's repairable, but hard to debug as the ethernet card is dead), This happened as I fried one of Moriquendi's latest 1.21 Piezo Z-Probe boards that I just got.
    This is similar to another post from another user.

    Surprisingly my printer was working fine until went to adjust the z probe. A miniature fire broke out on the Z-probe board, frying the portion furthest from the pin headers.

    Now it is hard to say what does not work
    From my panel due, I can tell the SD card is read and my settings are alive.
    I can not connect through ethernet, since the link is dead. Also no message confirming the IP address comes up (latest firmware)
    I could home both the X & Y axis. Didn't try the Z (since the probe board fried)
    I have Type K thermocouples, so the thermocouple board reads correctly.
    Fans seem to be working.
    Heaters are working.
    Z probe still receing 3.3V but probably damaged the sensor output.
    I am hoping that the mated Duex5 is not damaged.

    Trying to figure out if I can just replace the duet ethernet card.


  • administrators

    That sounds odd. Can you confirm that the piezo board takes power only from the 3.3V pin of the Z probe connector? If so then I am surprised that there was enough energy to cause a fire.

    If you send M552 from USB or PanelDue, what response do you get? Do any of the Ethernet LED light up? Also try M552 S0 followed by M552 S1.

    The Ethernet daughter board is available separately from both the Duet3D web shop and Filastruder. Before you replace it, I suggest you check that no components on the Duet are getting hot, in particular the processor.

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