G1 X200 F10, how to stop or interrupt it?

  • I forgot some zeros at the end of F command, and it's moving really slow, is there a way to stop the command without resetting the printer?

    I triggered the endstop by hand but it did not work.

    Obviously by the time I type this it's done moving, but to know for the next time

  • Unfortunately not that I know of.

    Endstops are only checked, if the H parameter (S parameter does about the same, but ideally should be avoided) is provided with the G1 or G0 move commands (https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode#Section_G0_G1_Move). Constantly checking if an endstop is reached, takes valuable processor time and is typically not needed (only when that movement is close to the edge).

    If you are running the latest version of the firmware, the emergency stop should affect it immediately, but that is a reset.

  • I always use the Emergency stop button in the top right of the interface. However that will reboot your printer.

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