config-override.g required?

  • I was reading this guide made by BeTrue3D.

    And they wrote that they don't like using config-override.g
    isn't that needed? or do you not need it to have the z-axis offset and etc to function? Because I have been trying to figure out the z-axis offset and don't have an override file setup.

    1. Gcodes used
      For the actual PID tuning, we are going to use M303
      M307 H1 to display the parameters we garnered from the PID tuning.
      Finally, you could use M500 to store the parameters in a config-override.g file, which matches the old school Eeprom M500, and overrule the settings in config.g file.
      I personally have an aversion to this sort of having configurations stored in different places. Especially for core parameters that shouldn’t change.
      In my opinion, it just leads to confusion as people tends to forget they have anything stored in the override file and can’t figure out why the printer doesn’t accept the new parameters written in the config.g file.

  • You can take the lines in config-override.g and add/replace them in config.g as needed and then delete config-override.g if you wish.

    Just be sure to not try to invoke config-override.g from config.g.

    However I see no real reason to do this.


  • Not "required". You can delete it at any time, and/or ignore it by not having an M501 in config.g, or by executing an M502. Specifically:

    • M500 writes a subset of currently active settings to /sys/config-override.g. (Want to know which subset? Do an M500 and look in /sys/config-override.g).

    • M501 reads from /sys/config-override.g and executes the commands found there. Assuming they were written with an M500, this has the net effect of setting parameters to what was 'saved' with the M500.

    • M502 reads that same subset from /sys/config.g, effectively 'undoing' anything that was done with an M500/M501.

    Those three commands are it... Therefore, if you want /sys/config-override.g to have any effect at printer boot, there MUST be an M501 in /sys/config.g, Preferably near the end. If you want to have it ignored, just don't have an M501 in /sys/config.g.

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