More Heating Faults & During Auto-Tuning Too

  • Every time I think I've 'fixed' the heat fault problem, it pops up again, only this last series of faults, something revealed itself, heh!

    I was attempting to re-tune using the command:
    M303 H1 S240 P1.0 and it threw a fault at around 220°C as can be seen in the graph, and as the temperature graph was falling I noticed that the E3DV6 silicon rubber 'sock' was drooping again on the extruder. Using a chopstick, I pushed it back onto the heatblock, and then glancing back to the graph, I noticed that the temp had jumped up above the heat-fault temperature!? In fact it was higher than the intended max tune temperature! Hah!

    Something electro-mechanical. The other night, again while attempting to re-tune, another sock nearly caught fire, while attempting to max tune to 285°C, and according to WikiPedia, silicon rubber typical melts somewhere above 300°C, which seemed to suggest that the thermistor isn't accurately measuring the actual temperature of the heatblock or put another way, the temperature of the heatblock was much hotter than the sensor reported.

    I've done the pull tests, and measured the thermistor resistance etc, but then, something is still amiss. Tonight I'll disassemble the effector again to see what I can find.

    0_1545294997754_Wiggled Thermometer - S240 P1 Tuning Failed - 12-18-2018.jpg


    More Heating Faults & During Auto-Tuning Too

  • I had a thermistor arrive dead on a second hand E3D V6 Lite. Nothing outwardly wrong but once over 180C it reported impossible temperature fluctuations. Failed autotune with an error something along the lines of bad fit.

  • ...I think the seller had a minor fire and got spooked.

  • I disassembled the E3DV6 HotEnd on the DUET Smart-Effector. I found nothing wrong, although things seem obvious that the misreporting of the hot-end heat sensor (Semitec thermistor) is mechanically induced. Wiggiling the connector seemed to 'fix' the 20°C low reading. It is working ok now.

    I recal'd the hot-end and now am back to trying to discover the print artifact anomally I am seeing in my prints. But all in all, things are looking much better.

    Been printing a few items, which although there is still a printing anomally, my mostly DUET centric AnyPubic Linear Crapper + FreshStep seems to be working ok!

    For ya hackers out there, check out my 'spool' holder... :-))

    0_1545474272292_FreshStep Litter Spool Holder_12-21-2018.jpg

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    @3mm I bet it even acts as a desiccant! Brilliant.