Print "stuck"

  • Dear all
    I treid searching in the forum but could not really find anthing that seems to apply:
    I have a print that is "suck":
    ā€“> Print head is stationary, Bed and Head temperature are ok (and getting updated).
    But I have no idea how I could get the print to continue (Heater shows "active" in DWC).
    Any Ideas?
    This is a Duet 0.6 Firmware 1.04f-dc42 DWC1.06 (yes I know I should update šŸ˜‰
    many thanks for all your help!

    PS: I think i have seen this before but it did recover itself, if I had a look at the layer times there have been layers (max 1 per print) that took a LOT longer than they should have...

  • administrators

    If it's a particular file, and it gets stuck at the same place each time, then it probably means the gcode file isn't complete. This happens quite easily with older versions of slic3r, because it's easy to upload the file via DWC before slic3r has finished writing it.

    However, that firmware is so old that I wouldn't rule out some feature of that version that I have forgotten about.

  • No particular file, same print came out flawless just "before" the failed print. But there was one layer that took roughly 5-8 times as long as it should have, in the successful print. I'm hoping on bad weather this weekend to do the update šŸ˜‰

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