CoreXY Duet Config Help - New attempt

  • I would like some help on setting up a corexy the best possible. If you have corexy experience with RRF it would be appreciated

    I would like to start with a clean config file as I was very confused last time with the configurator. This way I also might get friends with the RRF

    How do I get a clean start? I only know about the configurator

    I also have the bl-touch and hope it is ok to configure now

    This is the Ramps King below with a Queen getting the Duet
    1_1545350302579_20181213_185042.jpg 0_1545350302578_20181218_185150.jpg and

  • Hi,

    It can be a bit overwhelming trying to set everything the first time around.

    You easily do it step by step, testing each new setting or part as you go.

    One of the simplest things to get working are the endstops switches. You can monitor the state of each switch via the DWC or by using M119.

    Then you can work on getting the motors working. Here M564 is you helpful as it allows you to use the motor "jog" buttons on the DWC without having to have homing working first.

    Once you have all the motors basically working (i.e. they move with the jog buttons) you can work on getting them moving in the right direction and by the right amount.

    There is a section in the Duet help for configuring a CoreXY:

    Once all the motors are working you can work on getting the heaters tuned for the hotends and bed.

    Just take it one step at a time.


  • Moderator

    I think it might be easiest to start with a config generated by the configurator since you can enter all the machine details that you know. (endstop type and position, thermistors, etc.) and from that you can go through it alongside the setup docs.

    You can see what you'll need to know from the existing printer hardware and marlin config here:

    Even though it's for cartesian, it starts with the basics.

    Then as fcwilt says above move to the CoreXY specific docs to verify motor direction, etc,

    We can sanity check things before going too far.

    The configurator after the last update should be able to provide a good starting configuration for the BLTouch, but you can verify it with

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