How to extrude until trigger

  • My duet seems to have died ...
    I was quietly re-doing a home selector, before moving to the configuaration of the extruder. I heard a pitchhh, and a little smell ...

    I do not understand too much, yet I have already made bad wiring, but not there ...

    Unless the M584 X0 Y1 Z2: 4 E3 A8 B9 C9 P6 is not advisable? We can?

    I just ordered a new one, I'll try to see what's wrong with the hardware, but I can not access it by http ...

  • nothing by usb too!

    hoping that the duex5 and the panel7 have nothing?



  • oh another guy inspired by my desgin
    there u go boy. inspire yourself a bit more.

    latest version.

    the levers needs to be easy to access. facing front will be the best yours are unserviceable.

    check the new compound lever design and use a simple (and cheap) mg90 .

    some day i will buy a duet just for the lulz and make it work. today my country is broke and its too expensive to just buy one for the sake of it.

    anyway i hope u make that "nice" desgin work. cheers!

  • I spent a crazy time modeling, adjusting, while everything was already done!
    Great minds meet ...

    For the servo, is there a need for power? I put a 25kg that I had, but a 2kg would be enough?
    This would greatly reduce the selector!

  • Do you really need a servo? If you accept to engage the gear as soon as the carriage is on the slot, you can juste use an horizontal bearing to push the levers (they need to be re-designed with lateral slopes, though)...

  • It was my first solution, but having tested a Y system, I realized that it was impossible to have the same extrusion speed on both extruders at the same time. (slip, hangs ...)

  • I just tested my board.
    An Ethernet Duet 1.04 ordered on 31/10/18, panel7 + duex5

    She stopped working by making a homing, before touching the stop position.
    I had time to do several homing, test the 2 new engines, and test the servo.
    Servo connected to socket 9, not in force (25kg> 1.5A in force)

    I only have the hotend is 24v (the socket is a little twisted), the bed is 220v on a ssr

    With the power supply 24v (meanwell 25A measured at 24.15v) only, I only have the blue led VIN that turns on, if I reconnect the fan always on, it works.

    In usb, directly on the pc, or by a hub powered, I have my pc that tells me that the device has a peak consomation, duet card appears very briefly in the device manager, I have the 5v which lights up as the 3v, then the 3v collapses as well as the 5v, but the 3v is almost nonexistent.
    The usb led is always on, the led diag from time to time, but not strong.

    When I plug in a power supply of raspberry pi, the 4 leds flash.

    If I understand correctly, there is only a short circuit 24v-> 5-3.3v which can burn the card, there I do not see how I could have done ...

    Is it serious doctor?

  • test done everything unplugged, only 24v or and USB

  • That's what I felt, not yet looked at what it was ...
    I reconnect the new


  • It looks like it's the 5V power supply, I only have the 5V servo that was on the duex5. The 5v power supply comes from Duet?
    My palper is a piezo, the limits are switches.

    I reconnected everything on the news, except the MMU and its servo.
    The panel works. Everything seems ok.

    The panel is in 5v or 3V?

  • administrators

    The damaged chip is U3, the 5V regulator. The PanelDue works from 5V.

    What type of servo were you driving from the 5V supply?

  • this one:

    can we use an external power supply 5v, and connect the ground together? If I ever want to be more precursive

  • Frankly, I have a doubt that this is the servo, but since it is the only new, with 2 steppers, why not.

    What happens if you exceed the max 1.5a of the 5v power supply? She can not do it anymore, or she burns?

    Because the servo is given, after reading at 1.9A stall current at locked, but I never forced on the servo, I have not had time ... I have not tested if it still worked .. .

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