Inductive Probe with Thermistor Wiring

  • I have a PINDA 2 probe which is an inductive sensor with a built in thermistor. I've had the probe up and running on one of the E0 end stop pins for a while now, but I would like to read the value of the thermistor. My question is on wiring as I don't want to blow anything on the board.

    Wiring for the probe is as follows:
    brown -> 5v (hooked up to the 5v panel due pin)
    blue -> ground (hooked up to E0 end stop GND)
    black -> inductive signal wire (Hooked up to E0 end stop with diode)
    white -> thermistor wire (hooked up to E1 Thermistor2)

    I'm assuming and I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the thermistor portion of the probe shares the same ground as the proximity portion of the probe. In order to read the thermistor, is it ok to jump the grounds between the thermistor and the end stops so I can complete the circuit?

  • administrators

    Jumpering the grounds will partially defeat the short-to-VIN protection on the thermistor inputs, and will also reduce the thermistor reading accuracy. I suggest you don't jumper the grounds, and accept that the reading of the PINDA thermistor will be a little less accurate than the other thermistor readings.

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