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    I'm building a system and already have my Duet controller but am still determining which power supply to get. The system is 24V, but in time, I would like to replace the fans with 12V. Initial idea was to run them from a seperate power supply, but reading on the Duex made me wonder: could I feed the Duex with 24V (same as the Duet), set it to 12V for the fans, and run my fans from it? Which other things besides fans are affected by the 12V jumper?
    In my case, it means getting a more powerful power supply now, and later when I want to move to 12V I would get the Duex (which also opens other options :)) and connect the 12V fans there and change the configuration accordingly. Would this work?



  • Looking at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Duex_wiring_diagrams this seems possible.

    The Duex have, according to this a 12V regulator builtin to supply 12V to fans. That diagram also shows that only the fans use that 12V or voltage you selected on the header

    The way I run my fans on a simple DuetWifi, is by using a buck converter (cost a few $ each; and >90% effective at stepping voltages down - compared to a 50% effective for a simple 12V regulator in the 8712 range). I connected it directly to the power supply's 24V, adjusted it for 12V and have the positive output go to the Fan Voltage select pin (make sure that you do not accidentally feed it into Vin or 5V from that jumper) and it simply works. Now all the fans are powered by 12V, PWM still works as the mosfets are towards GND.

    If you need the Duex, then by all means use it's integrated regulator (it looks to be able to handle quite some current, as it can supply 6 fan outputs), but I have no specs on it available right now.

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    The built-in 12V regulator on the DueX is designed to supply up to 2A.

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    you have to set an Jumper to enable the 12 Volts at Version 0,9 or newer ...

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