Quad Extruders?

  • I'm sorry if this has been addressed already, but I didn't see it when I just tried searching. I've added a chimera and 4 bowden extruders to my printer and had originally planned on using the original Duet with the expansion board. When this latest generation came out, I was told that it could be expanded without the need for adding a second board. But I've not been able to find anything concretely stating this online. If anyone can clarify this for me, it would be much appreciated. I'm trying to build a highly capable high capacity FDM printer to go along with a smaller capacity, high detail DLP printer build. Previously, I thought the Duet w/ expansion board was the best of the best for quad extruders. Now this new board looks even more incredible. Especially so if it doesn't require the expansion board - as that's what has prevented me from being able to finish it already (I simply didn't have the budget to be able to swing it). Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  • @52brandon said in Quad Extruders?:

    When this latest generation came out

    What boards are you referring to? The current generation of Duet WiFi/Ethernet boards can drive, for example, 3 axes and 2 extruders.

    To go beyond that you need to add a Duex2/5 board - I use the 5 since it is the most versatile.


  • @52brandon The pins are available on the expansion header. They do make a breakout board for connecting external stepper drivers to the Duet2. See: https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Duet_Wiring_Diagrams

    The pins are available also on the Duet 0.85, but the wiring info has been removed from the documentation wiki. The 085 has a different pin setup for the expansion header.

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