Zeta-1 Giant IDEX Printer

  • After almost a full year of on and off work, I've finally (mostly)finished my 3D Printer magnum opus, Zeta-1. This machine is a monster, standing at 60x60x36" and weighing around 300lbs, boasting a build volume of 24x36x44". The frame is 30/60 aluminum extrusions, the bed is fixed, the Z chassis moves up and down on 3x 12mm lead screws and 5x 16mm smooth rods. The drive chain rides on 10mm rods, most of the components here are printed. This IDEX printer uses the same modular Bondtech-titan extruders I designed for my Prusa's allowing for easy nozzle changes, seen here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3300607

    3_1545659473505_IMG_0488.jpg 2_1545659473505_IMG_0489.jpg 1_1545659473505_IMG_0490.jpg 0_1545659473505_IMG_0491.jpg

    First print! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFfbQU_8RHI

    The bed is a 7001 1/2" cast aluminum plate with 3 industrial heaters wired to mains voltage. Separate heat zones allow me to heat just the portion of the bed I am using for each print to save power. A duetwifi-duex 5 board provides enough ports to run the required 9 stepper motors, I'll eventually give it a touch screen as well. Drag chains help to keep all the wiring in place over long axis.

    I'm going to be using this printer for furniture and giant cosplay projects, among other things. I have lots more plans for future upgrades and tweaks, including an enclosure. I'm also going to make a magnetic springsteel bed for it to help with part removal, I've fallen in love with Buildtak's flexplates.

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    Very cool. Truly a monster. Can't wait to see your first large scale prints.

  • Damn! you better buy stock in plastic!

    Running Nema 23's?

  • I've run ~25 pounds of filament through this printer in the last 3 weeks, so far I've only had two failed prints both resulting from bed warping. I'm going to invest in a removable springsteel PEI sheet next to help with that. Here's a few parts:

    0_1548716282487_fullsizeoutput_aef.jpeg 0_1548716303359_fullsizeoutput_ae0.jpeg

    Loving my duet hardware ❤

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