Entry level mid-large delta?

  • Morning all,

    Here's hoping that in the next few weeks there will be a glut of replaced printers for sale on ebay and similar sites. I'm keen to get a delta for experience. Are any of the entry level deltas so bad they need to be avoided at all costs? I can accept not running at full on delta territory speeds.

    I'm considering this as a starting point that will slowly get upgraded as need dictates. I'm expecting a marlin/ramps derivative setup initially which I'll swap out to a spare duet 0.6 and later to the Mastro or Ethernet.

    I'm not posting this to see what second hand units are available from forum members here, as I am really hunting for very low prices. I expecting hard work and a need to print bits to get the systems usable.

  • ...I'm guessing extrusion based rather than cylindrical linear rods and linear guides if possible?

    I expect the mag balls and piezo equipped heads to be a later mod.

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