Assign 0.9 and 1.8 stepper to same axis?

  • Merry Christmas everyone!

    I need to have different steps per mm on same axis for 2 or 3 steppers.

    I'm trying to build a CoreXYUV like deckingman did with extruder above hotend, on separate axis.
    My problem is that I wanted to use some old 1.8° steppers I had for the UV axis and I already use some 0.9 e3d high torque steppers on XY.

    I am homing the XY and UV axis and then when moving stepper 6 and 7 that are 1.8° from UV to XY they get same steps per mm as the 0.9° steppers already on the axis and moves double the length.

  • administrators

    All motors on the same axis have to use the same steps/mm.

  • @dc42 I was afraid of that 😞
    Well, now I just have to wait for new steppers....

    Thank you and have a Jolly Holiday!🎅

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