How fast does the duet react to filament sensor?

  • I am designing a micro switch based filament sensor. My plan is to mount it to the extrusion stepper motor.

    Then I got to think how much margin is needed so I do not run out of filament before the Duret pauses?

    On the assumption that the current print move is executed before reacting to the filament sensor and the extreme values of my printer: I got the length of 30 mm filament could be consumed between the sensor is triggered and the duet pauses.

    There is a lot of assumptions here so can anyone supply some facts?

    The math behind 30 mm filament:
    Filament area of 1.75 mm = 2.40 mm2
    Extreme extrusion: Width 0.7 x Height 0.4 mm => 0.28 mm2
    Ratio between filament and extrusion: 8.59
    Longest single print move: 254 mm
    254 / 8.59 = 29.63 mm

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    The reaction to a microswitch-based filament presence detector that signals no filament during a print should be very fast. However, it does a normal pause not an emergency pause, so it will complete a few moves before pausing.

  • Then I will go ahead and put the microswitch pretty close.

    Thank you.

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