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  • Hi everyone!
    I just ordered a duet maestro to upgrade my ramps based delta printer. The printer is from the Trium Kickstarter campaign and unfortunately the company doesn’t exist anymore - meh!
    The documentation of the specs of the printer are pretty much nonexistant and so I thought the needed parameters for the duet software configuration should be able to found in the marlin files.
    Now my question: where exactly do I have to look for them and is there possibly an easier way to do this.

    Thanks in advance

  • What release of Marlin? They changed the config.h parameters for Deltas radically a year or two ago.

    Anyway, most of the things you need can be measured:

    Diameter/Radius of printable area of bed.
    Diagonal arm length.
    Horizontal offset from effector to carriage, joint-center to joint-center.

    I've probably forgotten a couple... but they can all be measured. Once you are close, the printer can "calibrate itself", assuming you have some kind of probe.

  • Hi Danal and thanks for your answer!
    The Marlin Firmware is 1.1.0-RC7 ... but I’ve just noticed that the repetier host console spits out quite a lot of information when connected to the printer. Seems like most of the info is there.

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    @antiman167, you need to provide RRF with an accurate value for the diagonal rod length (M665 L parameter), and approximate values for the delta radius (R parameter) and height of the nozzle above the bed when all three carriages are triggering the endstop switches (H parameter). The R and H values will get adjusted when you run auto calibration - see

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