M558 P1 selects Z probe type 1 = Z probe Mode 1?

  • in https://duet3d.com/wiki/Connecting_a_Z_probe it is unspecified what the different types of z probe is and it is also compleatly unspecified how to set to the different z probe modes?

    My guess is that the types might refer to the different modes?

    If my understanding is correct then mode (type) 5 is for a regular makerbot type bord on the Z endstop connector and simular?

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    I have amended the working of the text on that wiki page:

    To configure the firmware to recognise the output mode of the Z probe you are using and which pin it is connected to, use the P parameter of the the M558 command in config.g. For example, M558 P1 selects Z probe mode 1.

    Type 5 is suitable for any digital output Z probe that doesn't need or can't handle a strong pullup resistor.

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    I have got it working if I connect the endstop card on E1 and use P4.

    If I understand the site correctly 1-3 and 5 refer to probes connected to the probe connectors and 4 for end stop on E0, and 6 for E1?
    Form what I can see it is not possible to use the Z end stop connector for probing?

    Given that I use a simple endstop card for probing right now but that I need keep the probe connector free for testing of more advanced probes in the future and that I am planing to use E0 and E1 for fillament monitoring I would prefer to use the Z endstop connector for simple probing if possible.

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    I corrected the typo.

    Currently the Z endstop input can't be used for a Z probe. I'll add this to the firmware wish list.

    What type of Z probe do you have? You may be able to use the Z probe connector.

  • Thanks 🙂

    At the moment I use a 1.2v makerbot type endstop that are default high and I needed to rewire it slightly to give 0 as default output instead of 1000.

    The last version of the firmware seem to change something so it sees default high end stops as always triggered and I was unable to set it to trigger when it changed from 1000 to 0

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    In recent firmware versions you can use the I1 parameter on the M558 command to change the polarity to active low for all Z probe types. So no need to rewire your endstop.

  • aha, thank you. I didn't find that piece of information when I was looking, It works well now so I might not change it back right away.

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