G0/G1 issue after tool change

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    I'm using a DuetWifi with the latest firmware 2.02 to control a CNC router. I have found the following issues after a tool change using G0/G1 commands.

    T0 ; select tool 0
    G0 Z50 ; move to position Z50, position shows Z50
    G10 P0 Z0 ; set tool lengths of tool 0 to 0
    G10 P1 Z10 ; set tool lengths of tool 1 to 10
    T1 ; select tool 1, position still shows Z50 instead of Z40
    G91 ; go to relative positioning
    G0 Z0 ; no movement is expected to occur however Z moves down 10 and now correctly indicates Z50
    T0 ; select tool 0 again, position shows Z50 instead of Z60
    G0 Z0 ; again no movement expected but Z moves up 10 and again correctly displays Z50

    It seems that the Z position is not updated after a tool change and with the first G0/G1 move the difference is noticed and compensated by an according move. I think this behavior is wrong and potentially dangergous as it leads to unexpected Z-movements.



    PS: ...unconventionally for CNC tool lengths have the opposite sign i.e. a shorter tool has a greater tool lengths. Not really an issue but something to get used to...

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    @mwinterm, please search for the very similar post that I replied to last month, and comment in that thread if you wish.

  • @dc42: ...I searched for a corresponding thread for quite a while now and could not find anything... could you please help me in finding the right one?

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