DWC2 two versions difference

  • Hi, what is the difference between DuetWebControl.zip and DuetWebControl-mini.zip?

  • Essentially, the "mini" version contains the same files but they are minified...

  • Actually the only change is that the "mini" version does not have a "js.map.gz" file in the javascript folder (almost 2MB). As I understand this file is mainly used in debugging. Since the regular javascript is actually build on release (rather than being manually coded as a single file, it's source consists of many files that are appended and further processed on build), it is hard to do debugging on the final file, without a map file that tells a browser's Developer Tools (when you right click and click on the "Inspect Element" option), where each piece of the code comes from - this aids debugging in that one can now find the original source a lot easier.

    Since this is still RC/Beta, it is best to include it for those that need it. Running the mini version is fine for most people.

  • @jacotheron oh, actually you are right, I should use the non mini file then, because I report a lot of problems with DWC2 to @chrishamm

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