FAN0 FAN1 FAN2 Problems

  • Duet WiFi Card Ver 1.03

    Working on installing a BerdAir with the eSwitch Kit... Long story... 2 Days working on why its not working. Card works fine installed and printed some stuff already (PETG) now installing the parts cool part

    After doing some testing this is what I'm finding out and I do not understand why?

    Always on Fans 1 and 2... I get 24.05 V

    FAN0 - Off (M106 P0 S0) I get 24.05 V, On (M106 P0 S255) I get 20.79 V... Wait What???
    FAN1 - Off (M106 P1 S0) I get Less than 1 V, On (M106 P1 S255) I get Less than 1 V... Wait What???
    FAN2 - Off (M106 P2 S0) I get Less than 1 V, On (M106 P2 S255) I get 24.10 V...OK that seems good..

    I was thinking it has something to do with the Jumpers by the fans but they are setup the way I got it and setup that way on my Delta... and work fine there...

    Jumper EXT 5V EN is OFF, Jumper INT 5V EN is ON, VFAN Jumper Select is on VIN & V_FAN Not on 5V

    Anyone have any ideas why I get this? I'm 100% lost on this one.

    Card does not look burnt out at all, only been install a week or so.

    Firmware Ver on This card is 2.02(RTOS) (2018-12-24b1)
    Not the same as my Delta yet, have not upgraded it yet 🙂


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    The Fan 0 mosfet may be damaged; or if you are measuring the voltage with no load then it may just be that the mosfet has a slight leakage.

    Fan 1 defaults to thermostatic control based on hot end temperature, so for manual control you need to include H-1 in the initial M106 command to disable that.

  • Thank's .. doing retesting now. Yes do have H-1 in all my fans in config. I Also added it send gcode line when testing. Get the same thing.

    This is my 3rd Duet card and I know for sure its wired up the right way.

    First 2 Duet cards no problems at all... this one not so much 🙂 But I understand stuff happens...

    I'm sure I just got a bad card got from Filastruder. Got this one on Nov 15 2018 I will send them a email and see what they can do for me


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