Not having good luck with my i7.

  • First one had a yellow tint issue. Replacement showed up at the beginning of December and I'm just now getting around to getting my Duet Wifi configured over the last few days. Anyway...initially it worked great with no issue. Earlier tonight was no different, the screen was working just fine. I know the screen will dim a bit after a certain amount of time and I thought this was no different. I touched the screen, heard a few beeps but the screen never came back on. Power cycled the Duet but there was no change in the i7's screen function. This time however, there were no beeps when touching the screen.

    I have tried both ways of connecting the i7 to the Duet. The 4 wire and ten pin ribbon cable. No difference. When plugging the screen into a USB cable connected to my computer causes the computer to if something new got connected. The Bossa program is able to connect to the it appears to be least somewhat.

    Any thoughts on things to try? Is there a way to do a reset on this thing?



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    When you connect the PanelDue to your PC, do any new devices appear? Either a new COM port, an Unknown Device, or something else?

    The 7i has two buttons marked Reset and Erase. Pressing reset should restart it and it should show the usual screen (even if you power it from the USB port with no Duet connected). Pressing Erase then Reset will erase the firmware, and the Bossa port should appear on your PC in Device Manager under "Ports (COM & LPT)".

    Make sure that your enclosure doesn't press either of those buttons!

  • Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, not much has changed.

    If I press Erase and then Reset, a Bossa port shows up in Device Manager. I am then able to upload and verify a firmware using the Bossa utility. After that, if a disconnect the USB cable or press the Reset button, the port goes away but does not return until I press Erase and Reset again. The screen never displays as it should. Any other things to try?

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    1. Please confirm that when you use Bossa to reinstall the firmware, you check Erase All, Boot from Flash, and Lock first. Also I recommend that after flashing the firmware you click Verify.

    2. If you are powering the 7i from the USB connector only, make sure that the USB supply can provide enough current. Laptop computers in particular may not be able to provide enough current for the backlight.

    3. Are you getting anything on the screen at all after you reinstall the firmware using Bossa and then either press the Reset button or power it down and up? If no then the backlight inverter has probably failed, and you should ask for the 7i to be replaced under warranty.

  • Thanks for the additional tips but still no luck. Looks like a warranty exchange is in my future.

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