Unable to print after G28 and G29 - Calibration issue.

  • Hi,
    After the first start with the new board,i set up the Z0 level with paper to find the trigger value of my probe an then ran the delta autocalibration (own a tevo little monster) and i found already a kind of an error, the bltouch probe wasnt getting triggered cause of a lack of diving height. I fixed the problem by increasing the value of dive, and then the calibration and the grid were completed correctly. At the end of the process the browser is showing the results of the probed heights values, whith the corresponding colored graph. Now the problem im stuck with is that when i start a print my machine is leveled only in the proximity of the center of the bed, and if it moves around it goes up on the Z the more it gets away from the centre. (at the farthest it gets around 10mm over the level. This problem persist even if i use jog commands to move the head. I dont know if its a mechanincal problem or a software one. It looks like my machine isnt recognizing the probed points of the calibration.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Those symptoms suggest that the delta radius isn't set correctly, either because you didn't run auto calibration successfully, or you didn't save the results. See https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Calibrating_a_delta_printer#Section_Saving_the_calibration_results.

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