Mini IR Z-probe problem (no power from DuetWifi)

  • I just registered my account, but I have been reading though the threads while building my KosselXL with DuetWifi. I have Mini Height Sensor Board from dc42, and it is connected to Z Probe connector on DuetWifi. I have also read through

    My problem is that the sensor does not react in any way when I power on the DuetWifi. When I measure the voltage on the sensor between the L1 inductor and ground test point, it is about 0.07V. The same can be measured directly from Z Probe connector. Should there be a constant 3.3V on that pin on DuetWifi, or can configuration affect it?
    I have two DuetWifi boards behaving identically.

    My config.g contains line M558 P1 X0 Y0 Z0 H5 F120 T6000

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    As long as the green 3.3V LED on the Duet WiFi is illuminated, indicating that the 3.3V supply is present, there should be a constant 3.3V between the Z probe connector pins on the Duet WiFi that are labelled 3.3V and GND on the reverse of the board.

  • Thanks for you fast reply!
    While looking at the wiring diagram to see where 3.3V led is exactly, the Z Probe connections started looking suspicious. I had those in my mind totally reversed. V on the left and IN on the right. Issue solved. Thank you, and sorry for unnecessary question.

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    The Z probe connector was rotated between the pre-production and production boards, so perhaps you were following the wrong wiring diagram.

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