Fan 2 (P2) percentage on Dashboard

  • Hey,

    does anybody know how I can get to see the % Setting of FAN 2 on the Dashboard or Current Job-Status overview?


  • If i remember correctly (someone can correct me if i am wrong 🙂 ), then fans with thermostatic contol doesnt show up in DWC. So if you want to see fan control and status you should disable thermostatic control (with H-1 parameter in M106 command).

  • That's correct. Thermostatic controlled fans are controlled by the temperature of the configured heater. Allowing it to be overridden by the slider could be detrimental. (turning off the hotend fan during a print for example.)

    More detail on fan control:

  • Hey,

    thx for the tips.

    I found in the DWC instructions also an additional information.
    Not named Fans/Heaters won't display either.
    By using M305 a name can be assigned...will have to try that one.

    In this case it is just for information, to see if my board cooling fan is turned on or not...

    Have a nice Sunday.

  • administrators

    Fans can be named too (sere the M106 link above), but I don't know whether named fans are displayed in DWC2 when they are thermostatically controlled.

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