Nema 23 and 34

  • We have been using 3D printers for around 18 months now, starting with Ultimakers, then progressing onto larger Gigabot printers We are now looking at going bigger and are building our own (print bed of 2.1x1.2x1m). But we are new to building from scratch. The frame is being build and we are now doing a shopping list, and it looks like the Duet WiFi is the board we will be using.
    Due to the size, the stepper motors will need to be a bit beefier that the Nema 17 (that is what our 3 gigabot printers use). I have read that the Nema 23 stepper motors are suitable for this board, but will the Nema 34 motors work?

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    For the Duet WiFi to be able to drive a stepper motor, the current rating must be appropriate (ideally around 2.5A for a large motor) and the inductance and back EMF must be low enough to maintain torque at the maximum printing speed you want to achiev using at most 25V power. You don't necessarily need to maintain full torque at travel speeds. See for how to work this out.

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    I have seen else where on the forum that you've said that a 2.8A motor is reasonable for a wifi board. When you say that, is that at the upper end of the limit, or would the board just about cope with a 3A motor?

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