WiFi disconnect on new "infinite retry" release.

  • For the very first time since going to an "infinite retry" release, my Duet disconnected. Very well might be something in my 2.4Gig environment... so I don't really expect a fix... just providing the data so Dave can see it, and in case it happens to anyone else.

    Rebooted (no power cycle) and it connected, has been on for about 20 min and a couple of file uploads, etc.

    PanelDue after the disconnec. The "calibrated" message is because I calibrate in the Slicer-Start-Gcode of every print. You can see where that same print ended (successfully, by the way). The "incomplete write" messages are something I've never seen before.

    Again, no fix expected per se... just data if you need it.



  • administrators

    Thanks for the report.

    1. Please try the 1.22 beta version of DuetWiFiServer. I'll turn this into a proper release soon.

    2. If it happens again, does sending M552 S0 followed by M552 sw1 from PanelDue restore the connection?

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