Issues with motors..... Don't move

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    No, it is not correct.

    The motors ever, after send the gcode (G1 S2 X-10 or G1 S2 Y-10 or G1 S2 Z-10), are smooth to move, are not energiced....

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    @peirof said in Issues with motors..... Don't move:

    The motors ever, after send the gcode (G1 S2 X-10 or G1 S2 Y-10 or G1 S2 Z-10), are smooth to move, are not energiced....

    In that case, I think there may be a problem with the ENN signal that goes from the processor to all the drivers. This signal is also present on the expansion connector (see the label underneath for which pin it is). You could measure the voltage between it and ground (which you can connect to on any endstop connector) using a multimeter. With USB power only applied, it should be at +3.3V. When VIN power is applied, it should drop to 0V, which enables the drivers.

  • Hi,

    If I did not understand wrong, the procedure would be:

    1- Disconnect, Duet3d Board, from power.
    2- Connect Duet3d, with the USB cable to a PC.
    3- I check the voltage, in the expansion module, between the pins, pin 28 (ENN) and pin 2 (GND).
    4- With Duet3d Board, WITHOUT ELECTRIC CURRENT but with the USB connected, the reading on the voltage meter would have to be 3.3V.
    5- I turn on the PSU, as soon as I turn it on, the voltage should drop to 0.0V.


  • Hi,

    tests do its.... i send images.


    0_1547018472805_2019_01_09 - With USB only.jpg


    0_1547018558930_2019_01_09 - With PSU On.jpg

    Something its wrong. No?. But what.... and.... WHY?

  • Some tips for I can do?

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    What did you mean by this in your earlier response:

    i send by console G91 and after G1 S2 X10.... and axis stiff, the same with Y and Z

    I unerstood that to mean that after you sent G1 S2 X10, the axis became harder to move by hand. But more recently you said:

    The motors ever, after send the gcode (G1 S2 X-10 or G1 S2 Y-10 or G1 S2 Z-10), are smooth to move, are not energiced....

    Which is correct?

    Is this Duet still within the warranty period? (as of when you first reported this issue).

  • The axis are smooth... Its easy move(after command move it)... Sorry for my english, Its not very good

  • @dc42 said in Issues with motors..... Don't move:

    Is this Duet still within the warranty period? (as of when you first reported this issue).


    this is complicated....

    The first time I bought the Duet board, it was this:

    Order ID: 1957
    Date Added: 10/08/2017

    and, in the middle of last year, it was changed, by a Duet 2 board, since the original, stopped working. The exact date I can not find it.

    And this second unit is the one that has stopped working.


    • The original purchase was made on 10/8/2017
    • The current unit, installed in the middle of last year, I can not find the date

  • Please... i am waiting instructions

    What can i do?

  • Well....

    I think, Duet 2 its dead.... i d'like buy another board.... but i have some questions:

    • I have see, there is a Spanish retailer, BricoGeek. The product in the retailer its Duet Wifi, but the specifications seems DUET 2 Wifi. Can anyone check this? What model its.
    • I suppose, that i buy the board in these retailer, BricoGeek, follow using the official support and use of this forum.
    • In the e-shop, the image seems have 2 fuse in board, my actual Duet2, only have one. Why? (In web refer as 1.04 version)
    • And the most important.... WHY MY ACTUAL DUET, its partial dead. If i dont know why its dead,... there is a lot of possibilities that the new unit deads again for the same problem......

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    Duet WiFi and Duet 2 WiFi are the same thing. We added the 2 to distinguish the Duet WiFi/Ethernet/Maestro from the generation 1 boards (Duet 06, Duet 085).

    In line with our policy of continuous improvement, we've gone through several PCB revisions to make minor improvements, to better work with evolving usage patterns. See for the details.

    Your Duet is well out of warranty, but if you want to send it to me then I will attempt to diagnose the fault, tell you what I think may have caused it, and see if a repair is possible.

  • Hi,

    For test purposes....

    With only a USB wire conected... Duet its capable of move stepper motors? Or need a 24v Psu conected?

  • Hi

    One doubt... In Duet 2,rev 1 03.... Fuse in board. What components protect?

  • Hi,

    While I was packing the Duet 2 plate (rev 1.3) for send us, I think I've seen the problem ..... I do not know how I have not noticed before, because it seems VERY obvious.

    The E0 driver is burned ...

    Duet 2 1_3 Photo Sttepers A.jpg

    Duet 2 1_3 Photo Sttepers B.jpg

    Now the theme is to know why, so as not to repeat it.

    Any idea why?

    If you do not tell me otherwise, upon discovering this evidence, I will send you the plaque tomorrow morning.

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    That explains why the E0 driver isn't working, but not the issue with the other motors. When your board arrives, I'll look at why the other motors don't move.

    See my response to your other post for how to avoid blowing drivers.

  • Have you examined boars

  • David,

    I have just had exactly the same failure mode. Duet Wifi, Firmware 2.02, board V1.03 from Filastruder.

    I changed the E0 motor to a 0.9 degree E3D, literally an unplug ( while off ) and re-plug. Changed e-steps in config.g, and bang! E0 fails to ground. I since tried the motor and cable on an old MKS gen L and it works fine btw.

    Measuring resistance across GND and motor outputs show a dead short, same to +VIN.

    Other motors refuse to work, but otherwise all other functions are ok ( heaters, endstops, and IR sensor detection ).

    This board was only soak tested on the machine I was modifying cycling X Y Z for 10 - 12 hours on Saturday after being in storage for since new ( March last year ).

    Ideas ?


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    I tested the board from @peirof. The blown stepper driver was messing up the SPI control signals to the other drivers. When I removed the blown driver, the others worked.

  • Hi....

    I undestand.... the board can be reused. No?

    I will have to change asignaments of drivers to stepper motors?... or for a 3d Scanner?... or with Duet x5?

    What stepper has down?.. and posible causes?

    what we do? (for sending, if is reusable)

    Thanks #dc42

  • Looks like the solder reflow station is going to get a workout .....

    I have 5 Duet wifi and this is the first faulty one. It's a shame it blew up so soon after commissioning though.

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