Use endstops only for homing

  • Is it possible to setup the Duet Wifi 2 firmware to use endstops only for homing and auto bed compensation/probing?

    I have been reading through the documentation and have not been able to find this anywhere. I'm using a Piezo Z-Probe and it's a bit too sensitive on the X-axis so I'd like to disable the false triggers during printing as I would only need them for homing and bed leveling.


  • By default the Duet does not monitor end stops and probes during standard movements. If you look at how the Gcode commands work, specifically the G0 and G1 (, you will see that it have an H-parameter which if set to 1 (example "G1 X23 Y45 H1") will check the endstops and if triggered, stop.

    For probes, they only affect the movements when probing, using the G30 command (

  • Thank you Jacotheron, I'm still setting everything up and haven't tried printing yet so wasn't sure if this would have been an issue or not.

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